"HitchHike is the No. 1 platform for creating carpools – today in Switzerland, tomorrow internationally and soon thereafter around the world!"


Jean-François Schnyder, founder HitchHike


For our clients, we are a trustworthy partner for issues relating to sustainable mobility management in the automotive sector. For our users, we create great personal added value by making individual mobility more efficient, easier and more social. Broad-based use automatically benefits society and the environment through reduced emissions and lower traffic volumes.


The idea was launched in 2011, and in 2012 HITCHHIKE actively supported its first customers in the promotion of carpools. HitchHike operates an online platform on which the users can organise themselves into carpools. Drivers who travel a certain route on a daily basis can offer a carpool to those who also travel the same route. The main function of the platform is to “match” people so that a carpool can be created between a driver and a passenger travelling a particular route. HitchHike is provided to users free of charge.

HitchHike was founded by a group of engineering students at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts has supported the initiative since its beginnings as a research partner and now belongs to its most important customers. Currently, the company’s focus is on the Swiss market, where HitchHike has become the most used platform for creating carpools.

The portfolio includes solutions for institutions, companies, residential and industrial areas, as well as for the public sector (municipalities, cantons). In 2018, after a four-year preparation period, the first official public carpooling offer was launched. Regional carpooling platforms are created in cooperation with cantons, municipalities and local companies. HitchHike realises these plans from the idea to the execution.

HitchHike is convinced that when it comes to mobility, a good mix of individual, shared and public transportation enables an efficient and sustainable transport system. The declared goal of HitchHike is to increase the efficiency of motorised individual traffic through the better utilisation of cars (creating a higher occupancy rate) in carpools.


The team behind HitchHike now consists of founders and strong business partners, who bring the most diverse range of expertise. Since 2011, we have been working and learning together.



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"The only way never to fail is never to try."

Bertrand Piccard, balloonist, psychiatrist, author.


At HitchHike, pioneers have a very special status. Just like us, pioneers dare to take a step forward. They try it instead of just simply sitting back and waiting. They help shape the future and do not wait to see what happens. The world needs pioneers – visionaries and forward-thinkers.





„Everything in the world depends on a clever idea and on a firm decision.“

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


We have made this decision and are working on the implementation of our vision. 

What is particularly valuable is a network of companies, politicians and friends who all continue to support us.